Today's session will look at a variety of resources and will include exploration of high quality materials for your content area.

Refer to our handout for specific activities and tasks.

First a bit of information gathering:


1. Content Area Exploration at Thinkfinity. thinkfinity.jpg
If you are new to Thinkfinity, view the brief tour video located on Thinkfinity's home page.

The 21 Things page has a brief explanation of Thinkfinity and its offerings.

2. Diverse Learningdiverse.jpg
Visit Using Technology to Support Diverse Learners and click on and explore one or more of the spotlights or the Tech Tips Areas (Digital Text, Audio, Digital Enhancement, Software, Visual, Curricular Supports).

The 21 Things pagehas more information and links to additional resources

3. Universal Design for Learning (UDL)udl.jpg
Video: National Center on UDL three UDL principles

Visit the Universal Design for Learning: Strategies, Tools, and Resources wiki and explore the content area resources listed in the left navigation pane.
What ways can your students use these tools to present information, to show what they know and can do, and/or can use to engage with information and peers?


The 21 Things pagehas more information and links to additional resources

4. Content Exploration at netTrekker
Access netTrekker through your free account at Michigan Learnport
The 21 Things pagehas more nettrekker information and resources

5. Quick Tools
Vocaroo is a super simple interface, no frills, use your computer microphone to create an audio file that can be linked to or downloaded.
vozMe is a simple text to speech reader

6. Digital Citizenship
How do you address the Nine Themes of Digital Citizenshipwith your students?

choose one area:
A. Cyber Safety
BrainPop has a digital citizenship section with free activities for students
Common Sense media has programs for students and parents, including lessons for teachers to use in the classroom
Enough is Enough has a great program, Internet Safety 101 for adults
Google Family Safety Centerfor families
Lynn Lieberman's open course on Digital Citizenship: Ethical, Responsible, Legal, and Safe Online Behavior
Stalking in English Class can give pause to what information is shared online when a high school class takes on the challenge to discover information about normal individuals

B. Evaluating Website Information
Visit the 21 Things page for information and resources on evaluating websites.